3 min readApr 2, 2021


Noooooo! Let’s not go there, please, it’s a Pandora’s Box!

Except, as long as we are alive, we keep going to the question, Who am I? Who am I not? , everytime we are forced to spend time by ourselves away from all the distractions(ahem covid lockdown).

So, who are we?

The other day, I was roaming the streets and dark alleys of Little India and came across these beautiful Murals on building walls.

Speaking of Murals, the character ‘Murad’ in ‘Gully Boy’ came to my mind.

When his dad didn’t believe that he could be something through his own talent and told him to know his place in society, in life, Murad asked, “Abhi koi aur batayega main kaun hai?”(Now, is someone else going to tell me, who I am?)

That hit a chord. Well, how many times do we subconsciously let society, family, kids, parents, friends, spouses, workplace define who we should be? And yet, how many times, do we feel the urge to break free and fly.

Let’s face it, it IS a Pandora’s Box! The good, bad, ugly about ourselves, and owning all of it, phew!

But just imagine, when we release it, when we own all of US, doesn’t the air feel just a bit lighter, the universe a bit more expansive, our hearts more joyful?

And with that new found self love, won’t our relationships turn a bit more magical (Thanks you crazy bunch of my people for joining me. Now, fasten your seatbelts cause it’s going to be one hell of a ride!)?

Coming back to Murals, Rajnikanth’s painting again reminded me how much Little India is like home away from home. It gives the Chennai feels, with the weather, sea, yellow flowers, temples, Tamil all around.

Ofcourse, if I was actually sitting in Bangalore, I would be complaining, “Chennai? Oh, too hot, too hot!”




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